Cities around Arkansas are facing the dilemma of requiring mask in public after the Governor stated on July 3rd an ordinance had been drafted by the Municipal League allowing cities to adopt and enforce mask requirements.

This morning the City of Mountain View had a city council meeting to discuss the mandating of mask, no decision was made but the council decided to address it at the next scheduled council meeting on July 14th.

In a statement from Batesville’s Mayor Elumbaugh he said “Putting a mask on seems like a simple request when you look at it from an economic standpoint,” the Mayor went on to say “People’s freedoms are very important to me as well, and this will ultimately be a total council decision.”

Batesville is also looking at other cities and the policies adopted in order to do what they believe is best for their city. Mayor Elumbaugh highly recommends the wearing of mask when visiting businesses, attending gatherings or where social distancing is not possible.

Other cities are leaving the decision of whether or not to wear mask to business owners who have the right to refuse service if requirements are not met.

The following cities have already enacted mask ordinance requiring they be worn in public:
• Conway
• Fayetteville
• Fort Smith
• Hot Springs
• Little Rock
• Rogers

Maumelle adopted an ordinance leaving the decision up to businesses.

Note: No penalties or arrests can be made for those who choose not to comply, according to the governor’s order.