Glenn Hall Luther, 58 years old is in the Baxter County Jail with a $61,000 bail, charged with 75 felony counts of Terroristic Threatening and 74 misdemeanor charges of harassing communications.

Luther claims in his calls to be Jesus, Conway Twitty Version 2.0 and also the devil according to authorities.

The incidents included the suspect allegedly demanding money from the city of Briarcliff for property he said he purchased from another man. In over 25 calls made to city offices according to court records. Luther is also accused of threatening the clerk and mayor.

Luther is also accused of calling the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office 72 times in over an eight-hour span last December. Court documents say the calls consisted of threats to Baxter County law enforcement.

Mountain Home Police Department also took two reports concerning calls Luther made. One call was made from the Baxter Regional Medical Center and another from a Mountain Home doctor’s office where Luther allegedly called them, “cussing” and making threats against the doctor and office employees.

Glenn Hall Luther is currently in the Baxter County Detention Center.