Randolph County authorities announced the arrest today of three suspects involving numerous thefts with a fourth suspect still at large. Those arrested were Allen Dildine, Scott Mitchell and Jason Kinney. A fourth suspect named as Tyler Crow has not been apprehended but authorities are on the look out.

The four suspects are said to have been involved with the theft of a 1992 Geo Tracker stolen from Country Club Road and a 2016 Blazer boat, motor and trailer stolen from Water Valley Machine Shop. The Geo Tracker was spotted by law enforcement earlier this week, the suspect fled and wrecked out fleeing the scene on foot.

On June 22nd Allen Dildine was arrested on outstanding warrants and question about the thefts, Dildine admitted to being involved and implicated Scott Mitchell as being involved in the SUV theft and the boat.

On Tuesday tips from social media led to the Sheriff’s Office receiving information on the whereabouts of the boat near Light Arkansas where it was recovered.

On Thursday Jason Kinney was arrested In Pocahontas, Kinney was in possession of a stolen moped, when questioned he admitted his involvement with the theft of the SUV and boat.

A fourth suspect was developed in the investigation, Tyler Crow who has outstanding warrants. Authorities ask if you have information to his whereabouts please contact Randolph County at 870-892-8888