One local restaurant in Pocahontas, announced it will close it’s dining room today due to some customers refusing to comply with the ADH directives that masks be worn inside restaurants until food is delivered to the table.

Halcomb’s Taco Casa posted on their FB page … “We are sorry to have to do this, but due to the disrespectfulness and non compliant customers wearing their face masks like The CDC guidelines enforces us to do, we will be closing our dining room as of today ( 6/24). We have tried our best to work with the public and be as respectful as we can to keep our dining room open for you.”
They also stated “We also want to add that if we get fined for not following the rules, we will have to shut down permanently, we don’t want that.” It seems the wait staff is dealing with cursing/name calling by some customers who refuse to comply with the directives the Arkansas Department of Health put in place for restaurants to remain operational. Halcomb’s also said they would reopen the dining room as soon as mask restrictions are lifted. Halcomb’s Taco Casa said their drive thru would remain open for customers.

Other restaurants are facing the same challenges to following the ADH requirements to stay open for business during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Arkansas Department of Health directive says” Patrons must wear a face covering while in the establishment when physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be ensured. This is most likely in entry or waiting areas, while walking to their seat, visiting the restroom, etc. As before, face coverings may be removed when food or drink arrives.”