Lawrence county is committed to providing a safe environment for all voters and poll workers on Election Day.

All polling sites will be sanitized prior to voting
All Pollworkers will be supplied with KN 95 face masks
Sanitizing gel at entrance of Polling site
There will be tabletop  plexiglass shields at check-in
Sanitizing wipes will be at Pollbook check-in
Disposable stylus pens for signing Pollbook
Disposable gloves will be provided for machine voting
There will be Guides on the floor for 6 ft. Distancing

During the 2 weeks of Early Voting
We will have 1 additional countywide early voting site on each side of the river for one day.

If you have any questions, Please contact
Judy Verkler – 870-528-3045 or 870-926-4159
Mike Bradley – 870-759-1719
Rob Combs – 501-554-1759