A police officer from Mountain View, Missouri has been charged in a deadly shooting that happened in September of 2019. Officer Israel Guidry was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Angela Perkins of Cotter, Arkansas.

Officer Guidry allegedly told authorities that he attempted to pull Angela Perkins over for a traffic violation and she fled refusing to stop. The officer lost sight of her then later found her hiding in a ditch in her car. According to reports Guidry allegedly asked her to shut off the vehicle but Guidry stated she drove towards him and he thought she was trying to kill him so he fired at the car, shooting her through the windshield killing the woman.

After conclusion of their investigation into the incident, prosecutors have found sufficient probable cause to charge the officer with involuntary manslaughter.

Officer Guidry was wearing a body camera, but there was no video on it and the camera inside the patrol car was never turned on according to reports. The shooting happened in late September 2019.