Governor Hutchinson announced on Friday an additional 731 cases across Arkansas as increased testing continues. Hospitalized patients reached 203 statewide on Friday. Total cases have reached 11,547 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Testing for the last 24 hours was 5,591 at a positivity rate of 7.1% according to the Governor. 3,674 cases across Arkansas are still active. An additional 5 deaths were also reported across the state in the last 24 hours.

The Governor stated, mask, hand washing and social distancing is essential to fighting this pandemic. Contact tracing and testing will continue across Arkansas.

Governor Hutchinson stated he expects positive cases to increase next with continued testing.

The total active cases currently in nursing homes are 509 patients and 339 staff fighting the virus.

49 patients are currently in ventilators with the death toll reaching 176.

7607 recoveries have been reported since the beginning of the COVID outbreak.

When ask if the decision to lift restrictions had a direct influence on the spike in cases, Governor Hutchinson defended his position on reopening the state saying the lifting of restrictions did not cause the additional spike across the state. Governor Hutchinson instead referred back to social distancing, mask usage and hygiene being a major influence in fighting the virus. He stated that the lack of usage is more of a concern for health officials.