On May 4th Arkansas went into phase one of the COVID-19 response.  Arkansas was one of the few states in the country that never issued a shelter in place order.  

 For the last few weeks we have watched numbers of active cases and hospitalizations rise in regions of Arkansas.  Despite the increase in cases Governor Asa Hutchison announced  today that Arkansas will enter Phase two , effective next Monday. June 15th.  The Governor noted that many restrictions that would’ve been lifted in phase two had already been lifted after we entered phase one in Arkansas. The largest difference  that will be noticed in phase two will be the capacity increasing from 1/3 To 2/3. 

The Governor will continuing the statewide emergency order for 45 days.  

Arkansas must continue to social distance and people should continue to wear a mask in public spaces.  

Benton and Washington counties will be provided with additional support including testing due to their spike in cases.  

A full list of phase two requirements and restrictions will be available Friday according to the Governor. 

Included below are the all Phases and Phase Two guidelines as released by the White House and CDC.