Information is slowly being released in the case of former State Senator Linda Collins murder investigation. Recently what prosecutors are describing at a motive has been released and it points to money. This doesn’t come as a surprise to many, those that have been keeping up with this cases have guessed at this as motive all along.

Rebecca O’Donnell who stands accused of killing Collins was described as a friend and worked on Collin’s campaign. O’Donnell’s fiancé identified as Tim Loggains who has stood behind O’Donnell since her arrest proclaiming her innocence was appointed power of attorney of Collins after her divorce from former judge Phil Smith. Many thought this was strange at best.

Two weeks after Collins decomposing body was found at her home in Pocahontas, 49 year old Rebecca O’Donnell was arrested in Randolph County and charged with her murder. Now special prosecutors assigned to the case are stating that aggravated circumstances that justify the capital murder charge includes the belief that the killing was committed with the purpose of avoiding arrest for pecuniary gain according to an April 30th statement.

Loggains has not been charged in this case.

O’Donnell has been charged with capital murder which carries a maximum sentence of death, prosecutors have openly stated that intend to seek the death penalty.

In Jackson County, O’Donnell faces additional charges of solicitation of capital murder and solicitation to tamper with evidence after she allegedly attempted to solicit the murder of Collins ex husband, former prosecutor, a judge and have evidence destroyed. These charges came to be while she was being held in the Jackson County Jail.

Last week we reported additional search warrants were issued by the judge for a vehicle belonging to a family member along with computers from a hotel formerly owner by Collins.