On Thursday April 30 Randolph County District Judge John Throesch sent a signed letter to Governor Asa Hutchinson.

The resignation stems from allegations that he committed violations against the code of judicial conduct. Throesch was facing an ethical or resignation, he chose the later.

According to court documents the resignation has the same legal effect as removal from office. Throesch is permanently disqualified from holding any judicial office in the State of Arkansas.

According to court documents in 2018 he communicated via Facebook with district court defendant that had charges pending in his court. Throesch did not recuse himself until after she had entered a plea in the case and continued to communicate with the female. The defendant said the conversation went from friendly to flirty to a sexual nature. Throesch wrote in Facebook messages that he was going to look over other violations she had and “see what he could do”. Alleged conversation ended with statements that the defendant should not tell anyone who she was talking with.

The commission ruled in an 7 page letter which Throesch agreed with by presenting his letter of resignation according to the agreement by May 1st, 2020