The Arkansas Department Of Health today added an additional death to Lawrence County bringing the total to two.

Total positive cases statewide at 6:30pm were reported as 3281, recoveries were reported as 1339. Total statewide deaths are at 61.

Lawrence County is reported to have 59 total cases, 6 recovered and 2 deaths. There have been 257 negative test results.

Other counties in our area are:
Clay-3 positive, 233 negatives
Craighead-74 positive, 947 negatives, 43 recoveries
Fulton-1 positive, 76 negative
Greene-16 positive, 658 negative, 6 recoveries
Independence-9 positive, 171 negatives, 5 recoveries
Izard-5 positive, 56 negative, 3 recoveries
Jackson-1 positive, 76 negative, 1 recovered
Randolph-17 positive, 501 negative, 13 recoveries
Sharp-10 positive, 55 negative, 3 recoveries

All statistics provided by the Arkansas Department Of Health.