POCAHONTAS, AR  Apr. 29 â€” In order to continue to protect Black River Technical College students and communities, BRTC administration is announcing that all Summer 2 classes will be held online.  The movement of Summer 1 classes to online was announced previously.

BRTC is not yet announcing changes to Fall 2020 classes.  Any announcement for fall classes will be made at a later date once more information about the coronavirus pandemic is available.

BRTC recognizes that many students prefer on-campus classes, but the college is working hard to insure the safety of its students.  Students needing additional help or support may contact Director of Students Neal Harwell at neal.harwell@blackrivertech.edu for general questions and mental health support, Student Success Coordinator Mylea White at mylea.white@blackrivertech.edu for food and emergency assistance, or Academic Success Center Coordinator Kim Adams at Kim.adams@blackrivertech.edu for tutoring and academic support.

For more information, visit www.blackrivertech.edu.