According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission more than 20,000 complaints have been filed from all 50 states on scams involving the current COVID-19 pandemic.
According to data collected by the National Consumer Protection Agency of the 20,000 complaints filed almost half have reported losing money to these schemes averaging about $560.00 per claim.
Claims include receiving text messages stating that you may have come into contact with an infected person urging you to click a link provided in the text. Authorities urge you not to click on the link provided, this is a phishing scheme attempting to gain access to personal information or banking information.
Robocalls are another scheme going on right now according to the FCC. Some of these calls reportedly offer testing for diabetics, elderly or Medicare patients. The FCC warns against this stating their are no at-home test approved by the FDA at this time, these too are phishing scams attempting to gain personal information from you.

You are urged to report these to law enforcement and to your Attorney General’s Office.

Government agencies will never call or text asking for personal information or banking information.