22 residents housed in the building of a nursing facility in Walnut Ridge are positive for COVID-19. One person was sent to a hospital and one person has passed away. There are five workers within the nursing/ rehabilitation facility who’ve tested positive as well and they are not working.

This was an update from State Representative Fran Cavenaugh concerning the positive COVID-19 patients in one Walnut Ridge nursing facility.

The Arkansas Department of Health is only showing 12 positive cases in Lawrence County at this time.
When asked why the nursing facility positive cases were not included in the numbers that are released by the ADH.

Mrs. Cavenaugh stated “ I’ve ask that question and the best I can tell is they don’t report the positives based on where it is at but based on where the person lives. So if the workers work in Lawrence County but they live in another it is reported in the other county. Same thing for the patients if their permanent residence is in another county it is reported there. This could happen if they are there due rehab. I find it confusing that’s why I wanted a breakdown for the facility.”

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