We just spoke with Imboden Public Works Director Nick Bagwell and maskS are currently being delivered to residents in Imboden. Nick told us they are hanging the masks on residents doors and delivering to businesses as well. Nick also said they are leaving notes stating if you need more masks for additional members in your household you can contact him via Facebook or call him at 844-0062.

The mask being distributed by the City of Imboden are for residents within the city limits or residents that receive water/sewer services from the city.

Nick stated mask for rural county residents are scheduled to be mailed out at a later date according to the residences fire districts. Nick said he would inform us when this takes place so we can inform you.

If you live within a city limit in a Lawrence County and need information about mask distribution in your town, contact your mayor’s office.

Thanks to Nick Bagwell and the City of Imboden for the updated information.