Easter in the United States is celebrated in many ways by many different religions. Usually it is celebrated with traditional church services and family gatherings. That will certainly look different this year due to the social distancing guidelines. Most of our churches are having online services, parking lot, or front porch services for their congregations during this time.

Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day or Easter Sunday. Customs, such as the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts, have become part of the holiday’s modern celebrations. The Easter egg is a symbol of the rebirth of the Earth in celebrations of spring and was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.

My hope is that everyone will celebrate the Easter holiday and create a new tradition for this year. Â Use FaceTime or Zoom to visually connect with family and friends over Easter brunch for example. Â Show off the kids Easter outfits by posting photos on social media.

Easter is the celebration of Jesus resurrection after His death for our sin, This year has only reaffirmed the hope we have no matter how dark things seem; as He proved Easter morning, He is the light amidst and after the darkness.

Whether you celebrate Easter by attending church services,  wearing an easter hat, dying eggs, preparing a special recipe you make each Easter, or any other Easter Tradition that is unique to your family . We hope you have a very special Easter holiday.