The Lawrence County Courthouse is now closed to the public, if you have business in an office you are urged to call. You can pay taxes, assess and buy car tags online.

Property taxes are not due until October 15th. They do not have to be paid now. You can mail them in or out them in the drop box at the back of the courthouse. A receipt will be mailed to you.  If you have delinquent taxes and you need to get tags they can be paid online (a fee will be charged)

You can assess online at (no fee)

The state revenue office is closed in Walnut Ridge but is open at Imboden.

Tax Assessor 870-886-1113
Tax Collector 870-886-1114
Treasure 870-886-1116
Circuit Clerk 870-886-1112
County Clerk 870-886-1111
County Judge 870-886-1110