Charles Portis, best known for his book True Grit has died today in Little Rock at 86 years old according to his family.

Portis was a former Marine that served in The Korean War and began his writing career for the Commercial Appeal and the New York Herald Tribune before writing his first novel titled Norwood which was later adapted into a film starring Arkansas native Glen Campbell who later co-starred in the movie adaptation of his book True Grit starring John Wayne in 1969.

Portis who died at age 86 was diagnosed in 2012 with Alzheimers/Dementia. Portis was credited with writing 5 novels over his 35 year career. Portis was a very private person who some called a recluse, he was born in 1933 in El Dorado Arkansas.

Portis was credited for writing columns for numerous Arkansas newspapers throughout his career as well as nationally printed newspapers.