Reported thefts of utility trailers are on the rise in the Imboden area and the county. At least 4 trailers have been stolen in recent weeks in the immediate area and other reports have been taken throughout the county.

One thing that makes trailers an easy target for thieves is how easy it is to register a trailer as “home made” and acquire a new title. Authorities caution buyers using social media markets to make sure they are not buying a stolen trailer. Be very cautious purchasing with a bill of sale, used trailers should have a title and serial numbers on the trailer. Commercially manufactured trailers will always have an identification plate or decal showing serial numbers along with a certificate of origin or title.

Another way to deter trailer theft is the use of hitch locks or chaining the trailer to a solid object with a lock. Too many times trailers are left unlocked and unattended allowing thieves to simply hook up and drive off.
Utility trailers have gained popularity with the increase use of UTV’s and ATV’s. Any given weekend you can observe numerous trailers hauling recreational vehicles up and down the highways in our area.

Take the time to lock your trailer and deter theft.