Sheriff’s Investigators in the Shane Hill case have released details surrounding the charges against the Sloan Hendrix student. We first brought you this story on Jan. 9th after reports of 18 year old Shane Hill’s arrest.Hill was charged with a Class D Felony charge of Sexual Indecency With A Child after investigators received a probable cause affidavit describing an incident that allegedly occurred on December 13th of 2019.

According to the affidavit Shane Hill began touching and kissing a 14 year old student on a Sloan Hendrix bus returning from a field trip to Walnut Ridge. According to the victim Shane Hill continued by putting his hands up the female’s shirt and touching her. The female stated she told 18 year old Hill to stop but he instead told her “it’s ok and no one has to find out”. The incident was witnessed by other students on the bus, one student said the victim at one point “whispered for help”.

When the bus returned to the campus of Sloan Hendrix the 14 year old female victim reported the incident to school officials who then reported it to law enforcement. A warrant was issued by a local judge after finding probable cause, Hill was arrested and taken to the Lawrence County Detention Center where he was given a court date and bond hearing. Shane Hill is currently out on bond awaiting trial.