On this New Year’s Day 2020, one lucky eagle got a new lease on life. The eagle was released back into the wild after being recently found ill and in dire need of care. The eagle was found near a fence row on the Ross farm near Ravenden.
The eagle was recovered by the Arkansas Game and Fish and taken to a physician in Mountain Home. The eagle was not found to have any injuries or broken bones but was suffering from some type of illness. The male bird was treated, given nutrients, and allowed time to rehabilitate before being released. According to the Arkansas Game and Fish, this male eagle is a young bird and would benefit from being released back into the area where it was found.
So on New Year’s Day 2020, the male eagle was taken by Arkansas Game and Fish officers back to the Ross farm where it was found and released. He was last seen soaring the skies over Randolph County.
We would like to thank the officers of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for sharing this with us.