Overnight the Hoxie Fire Department was paged to a fire at the intersection of Lawrence 507 and 520. A 911 caller stated a vehicle was seen leaving the property, the caller followed the vehicle giving dispatchers a good description of what authorities are calling a suspect vehicle. According to reports, a Lawrence County Deputy also spotted the same vehicle earlier recording a possible license plate.

Hoxie Fire responded to what is being described as a storage building that was on fire, Walnut Ridge Fire was requested for mutual aide. The building is stated to be on the property of a burned out residence. The residence had burned previously creating even more suspicion. The 911 caller followed the suspect vehicle back into Hoxie but lost sight of the vehicle off Midway Road. Hoxie Police did locate a vehicle matching the description backed into a parking spot near a residence. The vehicle was described as a gold vehicle with a headlight out, possibly a Lincoln.

Deputies gathered statements from witnesses and other law enforcement and will turn the case over to the Lawrence County Criminal Investigation Division for possible charges.

No injuries were reported in the incident.