Shortly before 5:00 pm, a Hoxie police officer responded to a residence at 2077 Hwy 63 B in Hoxie. The property consists of a shop building and a burned out residence. At 4:58 pm the Hoxie officer requested backup from Walnut Ridge PD and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office stating the subject was in the shop building refusing to leave and believed to be in possession of numerous firearms.

At 5:01 pm units on scene reported that the subject has made his way into the house from the shop building. A perimeter has been set up at the request of Hoxie police chief Glen Smith. An ambulance is staged in the area, additional units along with the Arkansas State Police have been requested to the scene. Burlington Northern was notified of the situation by Lawrence County OEM due to the fact that the railroad tracks are very close to the area. Reports from the scene stated the subject was agitated and stopped talking with officials. No names have been released. This is considered a dangerous situation and everyone is advised to avoid the area.

Update: at 5:44 pm Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Yates and Hoxie Police Chief Glen Smith entered the residence in an attempt to de-escalate the situation and speak with the subject. At 5:50 pm reports from the scene stated that units would soon be able to stand down. At 6:05 pm it appears that the situation has been resolved, no word from Hoxie PD if any charges have been or will be filed.