Shortly after 4:30 pm today in Imboden on the 100 Block of West 2nd, a black male approached a resident as she was getting out of her vehicle at her home, asking for money. He was saying that the resident knew him. As the resident walked into her home the male allegedly followed her inside the residence. The resident told him she didn’t have any money to give him and she asked him to leave. As he left the residence he allegedly stole the victims’ purse from the seat of her vehicle.

Lawrence County deputies were dispatched to the residence where a report was taken and the area was searched by deputies. No one matching the description was found.

In Walnut Ridge the police department responded to a similar call around 3:00 pm. where a black male entered a residence on Highland Street in Walnut Ridge. The man entered the home uninvited and was talking in broken sentences, trying to convince the couple that they knew him, and acting strangely before walking back out.

The male is described as being in his late 30’s, early 40’s, medium build. African American man with a beard wearing a t-shirt, jeans and baseball cap.

If you have any information regarding this man contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department at 870-886-2525.

Update… We have learned that a man with a similar description approached an elderly couple in Bono about a month ago asking for money for his grandmother’s funeral and claiming he knew them. He became angry when they wrote him a check and left.