Although the majority of us live in rural Arkansas we need to be aware of a growing problem called “Porch Piracy “.  Even in our area packages are stolen after being delivered via FedEx, UPS and even the US Postal service. Packages are often delivered while residents are away at work, school, etc. The problem is a growing group of criminals that drive our roads and neighborhoods watching these deliveries and returning to steal packages without knowing the contents. 

Holiday shopping increases the amount of packages shipped to rural addresses, carriers enter into the busiest part of the shipping season. Thefts go up a considerable amount as Christmas shopping goes into full swing. 

Here are a few tips:
Track your packages, know what day they will deliver and try to be home for delivery or arrange for someone to be home to receive them.

Report suspicious vehicles around your home and neighborhood,

Video door bells and home security systems help play a defensive role against these types of crimes,

If you do experience a theft this season and you don’t have a security system, be aware of other cameras in your neighborhood or your street. Sometimes these capture images of suspicious vehicles in your area. These can be proactive as well, most thieves canvas areas before committing thefts. 

Always report these thefts, most often when the thief is caught it leads to other cases being solved as well.