At 8:39 pm on Tuesday, Lawrence County dispatch received a 911 call from the 700 block of Lawrence 507 Hoxie. The caller stated that a white Chevrolet pick up truck had discharged a weapon while driving past their residence. The female caller gave a license plate number and was also following the vehicle. Hoxie police department, Walnut Ridge Police, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, and Black Rock Police all converged towards the area.

The suspects’ truck turned north on Hwy 63 and was intercepted by a Black Rock patrol unit at 8:43 pm. The suspect was held at gunpoint by the officer until back up units could arrive.

Once back up arrived the man was detained and identified as Brandon Crowell of Black Rock. According to reports from the scene two handguns were found in the vehicle, one was believed to be recently discharged. Lawrence County CID was called to the scene to investigate the incident. A vehicle at the residence on 507 was found to have a bullet hole in the hood, believed to be from the suspects’ 44 magnum pistol. There was also a 5 year old child inside the residence when the shooting occurred.

Crowell was taken into custody and transported to the Lawrence County detention center shortly before 10 pm. His vehicle was towed by Cook’s Wrecker Service. No word on formal charges, the incident is being investigated by the LCSO.