President Donald Trump has commuted the prison sentence of “Lord’s Ranch” businessman , Ted Suhl who was convicted in 2016 of paying bribes to a state official.

Mr. Suhl ran faith-based behavioral healthcare treatment centers for juveniles in Arkansas. Suhl owned Trinity Behavioral Health (formerly Lord’s Ranch) in Warm Springs and Maxus. Investigators alleged that Mr. Suhl participated in a bribery scheme to increase Medicaid payments to his company. The indictment alleged that Suhl bribed Steven B. Jones, former deputy director of ADHS, to “perform acts in his official capacity that benefited Suhl and his mental health companies and to provide internal ADHS information to Suhl.” Suhl, was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2016 after a jury found him guilty of four out of six bribery charges.

Mr. Suhl’s request for clemency was supported by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former United States Attorney Bud Cummins of the Eastern District of Arkansas, each of whom have devoted effort to securing his release.