Black Rock clean up committee hosted the first of many Keep Arkansas Beautiful events. Fourteen volunteers helped to clean up a mile of HWY 25 and also helped 2 local citizens clean up there properties who where physically unable to do so. Volunteers included Chief Mark Vanbrook, Matthew Vanbrook, Buddy Williams, Billie Starnes, Layonda Bagwell, Barbara Winters, Bray Brooks, Jordan Brooks, Asa Brooks, Hawkins Brooks, Destiny Thomas, Trisha Meeks, Elijah Meeks, and Curtis Meeks.

Chief of police Mark Vanbrook, Layonda Bagwell, and Trisha Meeks gathered June 20 to prep city properties for a fresh coat of paint. June 22, Chief of police Mark Vanbrook, Bernard Thompson, and Trisha Meeks painted the porches of the Black Rock gymnasium and the new community center, and one of the picnic tables at the park.