Imboden Area Charter School students attended class on the campus on Williams Baptist University on Friday.  Leaders from the education department guided children around campus and worked with IACS classroom teachers to support student learning in courses and lectures led by Williams faculty, staff, and students.  The day culminated in activities led by physical education students in the Williams gymnasium. These activities were part of a unique community partnership between the two schools aimed toward increasing opportunities for students at both institutions and improving the community as a whole.  

IACS places a great emphasis on place-based learning, service, and the use of community resources to better prepare students to be leaders. The partnership between the two schools seemed to be a natural fit in accordance with that vision.  The program consists of three areas:

***Williams students will serve as volunteers and leaders on the IACS campus and will gain insight and educational opportunities from participation with the charter school and its faculty.  

***Students from IACS will visit the Williams campus for various activities led by Williams’ faculty, staff, and students.  This will allow IACS students to access resources and gain experiences that they might not otherwise have.  It increases educational leadership opportunities for Williams students and faculty.  

***IACS and Williams students will work together on projects to serve the surrounding community.  

Senator Blake Johnson, who has been a strong advocate for the school’s efforts in the community, stated, “I believe this is an excellent opportunity to further the education of all involved.  It builds a strong vision for the future.” 

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