Shortly before 11 a.m. Lawrence County Dispatch received a 911 call of a woman standing in the middle of Hwy. 63 in Imboden screaming and shaking her fist at passing cars. Lawrence County sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area and discovered the woman crawling into a vehicle on Virginia Street. As officers approached the vehicles’ owner came outside and began telling the woman to get out of his truck.

The female was detained by deputies and a purse was found nearby that belonged to the woman. The female gave several names and dates of birth out of Texas which came back to be false. Officers searched the purse and found an Arkansas drivers license but the woman claimed that even though the female looked like her in the photo it was her cousin.

The officers explained that if she didn’t give up her true identity that she would be taken in and fingerprinted. Only at that point did the woman admit that the ID did in fact belong to her.

When officers ran a check on her ID, she showed to have warrants out of Randolph County.

Kimberly Jandreau age 39 of Reed trail in Pocahontas was arrested and taken to the Lawrence County detention center. She was charged with breaking and entering and interference with governmental operations.

No explanation was ever given for her bizarre behavior. Jandreau has a lengthy criminal record that includes possession of meth, possession of schedule II, and Dwi.

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