Two Arrested Outside Ravenden On Wednesday After Assaulting An Officer

On Wednesday morning the Ravenden Police Chief John Keding received a call reporting a vehicle with two occupants sitting in the middle of the road outside Ravenden on Lawrence 102. The officer decided with the extreme cold temperatures to do a routine welfare check on the vehicle. Chief Keding arrived on scene at Lawrence 102 and found the vehicle and its occupants but the two refused to acknowledge the officer or comply with his commands. Fearing this odd behavior may have been a medical issue, the Chief request a medical unit on standby. Lawrence County Deputies were also requested to the scene.

The two in the vehicle, a man and a woman continued to ignore the officer and appeared to be impaired. A search was conducted of the two subjects and the vehicle, a scuffle broke out, Officers advised they were involved in a physical altercation with the suspects, also they were forced to deploy tasers to subdue the two. One officer was kicked repeatedly in the chest by the female.The two were identified as Tasha Hale and Steven Broce of Indiana. Both subjects were arrested and taken to the Lawrence County Detention Center. Steven Broce was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest, Tasha Hale was charged with Battery 2nd Degree. The deputy did not require any medical treatment.

Both subjects were checked out by medics before being transported to jail.For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office visit