Updated—Unofficial Results of Election Night in Lawrence County

Unofficial results reported in Lawrence County tonight, official results to be released tomorrow according to a representative from County Clerk Tina Stowers Office.

There appear to be two run offs that will take place in Lawrence County on December 4th, 2018, one for Hoxie Mayor between Tinker and Coggins , and one for Lawrence County Treasurer between Mullen and Jones.

Sheriff Jeff Yates won re-election as did Mayor Larry Gibbens of Ravenden, Mayor Ragsdale of Black Rock, and  Mayor Snapp of Walnut Ridge. According to unofficial results Junior Briner defeated Frank Owens in a close race for Justice of the Peace.

We will contact Tina Stowers Office in the morning to get official results but we do know that all precincts reported, early voting and absentee ballots were all counted.


unofficial results released by Tina Stowers…

Lawrence County Sheriff ——Jeff Yates 2,729 votes (57%).  Jim Danley 2,070 votes (43%)

Lawrence County Treasurer—— Samantha Jones 1,899 votes ( 40%).  Connie Mullen 1,873 votes ( 39%) Rob Combs 998 votes (21%)


Mayor Races

Black Rock—— Bonnie Ragsdale 130 votes (63%).   Vesta Smith 45 votes ( 22%).  Gail Brock 31 votes (15%)

Hoxie———Lannie Tinker 213 votes (33%).   Dennis Coggins 240 votes (38%).  John Stowers 72 votes (11%)  Marty Harris 64 votes (10%) .    Redda Russell  49 votes (8%)

Walnut Ridge —————Charles Snapp 1161 votes ( 73%)  JR Rogers 436 votes (27%)

JP District 5 ———Junior Briner 296 votes …Frank Owens 289 votes


Alderman Races

Black Rock Ward 1 Position 1 ————-Trisha Meeks  and Greg Hall will face in a run off.

Hoxie Ward 1 Position 1 —————- Steve Adamson  and Darrell Pickney  will face in a run off.

Hoxie Ward 2 Position 1 —-Kenny Franks

Hoxie Ward 3 Position 1—- Becky Linebaugh and Cliff Farmer will face in a run off.

Ravenden _ Position 1 -Timothy McComas ——Position 3- Butch Dail —- Position 4 -Greg Starnes  —-Position 5 -Steven Blansett

Walnut Ridge ——Ward 1 Position 1 -Wendell Jones ——-Ward 4 Position 1 – Ty Callahan