This weekend at the Beatles at the Ridge Festival, the Lawrence County Dispatch Center will have a booth set up explaining the new “Alerts” system that works in conjunction with its Smart 911 System.

Director Paige VanBrook took the time to highlight some of the many custom functions of the new system.

The new alert system allows you to sign up and receive notifications on road closures, utility disruptions, inclement weather and a host of other notifications that you customize.

Once you create your profile it allows you to list medical conditions, ambulance preference, helicopter service preference, list pets in your home and even upload photos of your residence to help dispatchers guide the need resources to your emergency. Profiles can be uploaded for mobile and land lines.

Signing up is easy and free, simply go to .

Don’t have a computer, Alerts can be signed up for at your local Library and the Lawrence County Dispatch expects to hold several events throughout the year to assist with signing up for the program. Libraries are located at Walnut Ridge, Imboden and Lynn.

Stop by and visit the Lawrence County Dispatch Booth at the Beatles at the Ridge for more information on this life saving program.