On Thursday, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive Team members are traveling to the Hardin County Texas area to assist with recue operations. The team is taking 12 trained individuals, a high water military vehicle and several jet boats to the area.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive Team will be attaching to the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office and Hardin County Office of Emergency Management. The team expects to be in the area through Sunday before returning to Northeast Arkansas.

Sheriff Jeff Yates and Judge John Thomison agreed to allow members to use county owned equipment and volunteer their labor to help those in need. Dive Team organizers spent much of Tuesday night coordinating with Southeast Texas Law Enforcement and Emergency Management to place the team in the area of need.

Rivers in the area are not expected to crest until another 48 hours meaning once the rain ends, flood stages are still expected to rise until Saturday or later. The team is also taking bottled water to the region to distribute, anyone wishing to donate water can drop it off at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office in Walnut Ridge on Thursday.

We will update this as information becomes available .

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