Friends of Pocahontas Animal Control is a project of the Randolph County Humane society. FOPAC helps the dogs & cats that come into Pocahontas Animal Control and others that are in need of help in our area. PAC will only keep dogs and cats for 14 days then they are Euthanized . There are never enough good adopters so we depend on rescues to help us with them. Potential adopters must have a good vet reference, depending on where you live a fenced area for the dog, and be able to pay the adoption fee which is the cost of vetting.

Friends of Pocahontas Animal Control is BROKE!! We are minus in our bank account. At this point we can not take on any dogs with Heart Worms, Parvo, Broken bones or any other expense other then just the basic vetting. The rescues we send to reimburse us for basic vetting but anything outside of that is on us. This is one of the reasons we do fundraisers but even with that it is still not enough. In the just this past month we have had 4 puppies with Parvo, broken bones, mange & heart worms. Please share our plea and help us to continue saving these fur kids.

All pet owners can also do their part in spaying/neutering their pets.

Dumping of animals is a huge problem Northeast Arkansas . Animals that are dumped on the road are more likely to get hit by a car, starve to death, be attacked by wild animals, such as coyotes, or become infested with fleas, ticks or lice that will debilitate their host. Those who do survive will more than likely breed, adding to overpopulation and homelessness.

We always need adopters, rescues, foster homes, transporters and donations. Sponsoring a animal in most cases can save it’s life.
We need money for vetting, flea & tick preventive, heart worm treatments, food, collars, leashes, etc.

Add us on Facebook. Friends of Pocahontas Animal Control

Donations can be mailed to …
Humane Society of Randolph County, Inc.
Post Office Box 364
Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455
Please note on your check or MO for “FOPAC”.

PayPal donations can be made at.

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