The Sloan-Hendrix Music Program will be hosting a gameshow, The Right Price (which is like the Price is Right) Friday, August 25th at 6:30 pm at the Bill McCurley Gymnasium at Sloan-Hendrix School .

There will be no admission to get in (A donation jar will be placed at the door).  Names will be added to the contestant pool for a chance to play for $2 per entry. Names will be drawn at random in front of the audience and called down . Four names will be drawn for a chance to play at the beginning of each game.  The games are patterned after the actual Price is Right game show, so it will be luck of the draw in order to be a contestant. The more chances entered the better your chance to  be called down to play.  Children ages 5-11 can enter their name in a drawing for $1 for a chance to spin the big wheel for a prize.

Prizes have been donated from businesses and individuals. If you’d like to donate, any item or money donation would be appreciated.

Prizes that are not won during the games will be included in a silent auction at the end of the show. Come out for a fun time! A concessions stand will be available sponsored by the Sloan-Hendrix color guard.

Come out to support the Sloan- Hendrix Music Program and win some prizes!


Here are the items that will be available at the concession stand (as long as supplies last).
Drinks ( variety of soda, tea, water) $1 each


Hamburger $3
Cheeseburger $3.50
Hot Dog $1
add cheese: .50
add chili: .50

Frito Pie $2.50
Chips $.50
Popcorn $1
Nachos $2
Candy $1
Ring Pop .50
Bake Sale Items!!!!!!