Dangerous Pursuit Ended By Hoxie Police Chief

Shortly after 2:30 pm on Wednesday, Lawrence County Dispatch received information about an accident on Johnny Wrecker Road, Hoxie Fire Department, Lawrence County Sheriffs Office and medical units were dispatched. Before medical units could arrive on the scene reports came in that the vehicle had left the area.

Hoxie police chief Glen Smith intercepted the vehicle in Hoxie and stated the vehicle nearly hit him head on.  Smith then attempted to stop the vehicle described as a white truck. The vehicle fled and passed sheriff’s deputies who also attempted to stop the truck.

As the pursuit continued towards Walnut Ridge, Chief Smith made a decision to PIT the vehicle before it entered more populated areas.  Walnut Ridge PD was notified and en route to intercept. Smith ended the pursuit by crashing the suspect vehicle at 367 and Southwest Andrews. The suspect Jeff Camp of Weiner, AR. was arrested and transported to the Lawrence County Jail.  No injuries were reported in the incident. The Arkansas State Police has been requested to investigate.