New Warning About An Old Scam Taking Place Here In Lawrence County

An old scam has once again surfaced in Lawrence County according to Sheriff Jeff Yates. 
The scam consist of residents getting phone calls stating a relative or loved one is incarcerated in the Lawrence County Jail and needing funds electronically transferred in order for their release.
Sheriff Yates warns this is a scam, he says relatives are being ask for either debit card information or to wire the money using some type of service such as Western Union.
If you get such a call concerning your relative or loved one, the Sheriff urges you to contact the facility directly and never give any banking information over the phone.
Detective Sgt. Jamie White with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division stated in a phone conversation today that this is not the first time this scam has hit Lawrence County. White stated if you receive this call concerning Lawrence County you can call the Sheriff’s Office at 870-886-2525 or if a Lawrence County resident receives a call on an out of county facility they can call Lawrence County and receive assistance in verifying if it’s a hoax.
Det. Jamie White stated no person from Lawrence County would ever have a reason to call and request banking information from a resident. He also stated for residents to report such calls or request to the Sheriff’s Office.
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