Bobbie Jean Memorial Library Summer Reading Program Big Readers Party

The Bobbie Jean Memorial Library Summer Reading Program came to an end Monday July 17, 2017.  The end of summer party included games, pizza, and prizes for the children who read the most books.

The winners were as follows: 1st place winners were Briar Chesser, Teghan Chesser , and Carl Break. 2nd place went to Chloe Break, 3rd place Carlie Booth, and 4th place went to Bo White. Thanks goes to all the parents for letting their children participate, thanks to the many presenters including..The Highlander, Old Davidsonville State Park, Powhatan Historical State Park, and Kathleen Miller from the HIPPY program for their presentations. Also thanks goes to the Friends of the Library and Barbara Lawrence for their monetary donations. Thank you to Carla Mitchell, Jessica Smith,  Blaze Hurt, and Makayla Nightingale for volunteering to help.

Library manager Vicky Mitchell said she hopes to see everyone again next year for a fun summer of reading, she also encourages everyone to visit the library throughout the year.