At 1:57 pm on Wednesday the Lawrence County 911 received a call from a man stating his vehicle  had been stolen and he was now behind it near Lake Charles State Park. The victim said he had left the vehicle on the side of the road while he was working on a farm tractor. Dispatchers notified Lawrence County Deputies, Arkansas State Police and Arkansas State Park Rangers.

The truck, a gray 2003 Chevrolet Pickup was being followed by it’s owner in another vehicle while relaying the location, speeds and direction of travel as officers tried to intercept the vehicle. The stolen vehicle was reportedly all over the road but maintaining a speed of around 45 mph. The vehicle traveled Hwy 25 from Lake Charles to Hwy 117 at Powhatan where it turned on 117-S then turned again towards Smilthville. At 206 pm it was reported the vehicle turned on Lawrence 245 in the Baltz Edition. Deputies had the vehicle in sight about that same time. As the owner of the vehicle slowed down and got out of officers way, the subject described as a male juvenile driver was stopped and arrested without further incident. The juvenile was read his rights and transported by Lawrence County Deputies to the Lawrence County Jail.

Arkansas State Police and Arkansas State Parks assisted in the pursuit and apprehensive of the suspect. The juveniles name has not been released by investigators at this time. No injuries were reported in the incident,

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