The Portia Picnic is scheduled for May 23rd through May 27th.

Tuesday will be $1.50 ride night with armband nights planned the remainder of the week through Saturday, May 27. Armbands are $15 in advance at Portia City Hall or $20 on the carnival grounds.
FREE booth space May 27th at the Portia Picnic . Do you have a Church group, youth organization, Club group etc who needs to raise money or awareness for your group? Do you have a service, arts and crafts, or small business you would like to promote? Nows your opportunity. Text Kim at 870-878-1089 .
The pageants will be held on the 27th also. All age divisions will start registration at 9:00. For information on birth to 12 months contact Amanda Milligan. For information on 13 months and above contact Shelby Dulaney

For more information on the picnic or the pageants, contact Portia Mayor Kelly Duckworth at 870-637-3415.