The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive Team is on standby on both sides of the Black River bridge.  Dive Team members said they have seen numerous snakes in the flood waters during their rescues.   They also said that flood waters were continuing to rise and they are monitoring the situation throughout the night in case their help is needed with evacuations or rescues.

The Black Rock Fire Department is manning a shelter for evacuees. They have cots and care kits from the Red Cross for those displaced by flooding. That shelter is located at the old Black Rock School Cafeteria.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp posted on the City of Walnut Ridge Facebook page and stated…

“From a Walnut Ridge perspective: Coon Creek connects with Village Creek just above 63B, where it intersects with 63. Village Creek runs to White River, south of Newport.
Little Running Water, Running Water and Swan Pond Creek run to Black River in Lawrence County.
Running Water Creek is now acting like a tributary of Black River, which will relieve the City of Pocahontas. HOWEVER, it could also flood the flood plains of Walnut Ridge and possibly Hoxie, IF Running Water backs up enough to get in to Village Creek, or in the event the flood waters breech the sand hills north of Walnut Ridge.
As a City, we (Walnut Ridge) are as prepared as we can be. As a County, we are as prepared as we can be as well and our Governor, State Senator Blake Johnson and Representative Fran Cavenaugh are providing insight and monitoring the situation.
In short, do not let the fact that Village Creek, Coon Creek and the Fry-Kellow drainage system continue to fall fool you. The fact remains the same, if the flood of 2011 came within two, to three foot of getting in your home or business, you should have a plan.”

There is a shelter at the Walnut Ridge Community Center for evacuees.

Hoxie Mayor Lanny Tinker posted on the City of Hoxie FB page the following message:

Hoxie Residents,
We are getting a lot of questions on flooding. As of tonight Hwy 63 between Hoxie and Black Rock is closed and water is running over black top around Heard’s Market.
There is not imminent flooding danger inside Hoxie City limits tonight. We along with state agencies and other local governmental agencies have monitored water levels all day.
However we will have to watch water levels for the next few days.
I ask every citizen to be vigilant to keep a close look in their area to possible dangers but let’s not let our guard down until this flood danger passes.
We will give additional updates if conditions change.
Mayor Tinker

As you can see from the photos below, the water levels at the Black River Bridge and the railroad at Portia are very high. While the town of Portia is not flooded at the time of this post 9:30  pm Wednesday, Lawrence County Judge John Thomison has issued a request for Portia, Clover Bend, and Coffman to begin to evacuate.