Randolph county officials reported this morning that water was overflowing the top of the levee. There is a flash flood warning for Randolph and Lawrence counties.

Water is now predicted to crest 31.5.

Water is already flooding the Pocahontas BRTC campus and is expected to get worse as waters continue to rise.

The Pocahontas shelter located at the old Randolph County Nursing Home on Hospital Drive needs volunteers to stay there and someone to do laundry.

FOPAC and the Randolph County humane society are in need of blankets, sheets, kennels, carriers, flea and tick prevention, and foster homes.
Pocahontas Animal Control is also opening up for animals displaced by this flooding and also the Fair Grounds.

The Randolph County DHS office has been flooded. If you have any scheduled appointments or other DHS matters in Randolph County, please contact the Lawrence County DHS office in Walnut Ridge at 870-886-2408.

The Walnut Ridge Shelter for those displaced by the flooding needs donations of blankets, clothes, food, water, paper products, diapers, wash clothes, trash bags, basic hygiene products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, gallon ziplock bags, board games, etc. and most of all volunteers. You can show up at the Walnut Ridge Community Center at anytime with donations or hands to help.

The City of Walnut Ridge is stacking sandbags outside the shop fence at 330 SW 4th Street. City and County residents are welcome to help themselves to the bags if they need them.
Volunteers are needed to help fill bags.

Portia Mayor Kelly Duckworth has advised that due to the rising flood waters in Lawrence County and recent levee breech in Randolph County residents in Portia need to be aware that if they were affected by the 2011 flood that waters are predicted to rise higher during this incident. Please make arrangements within the next few hours to move to safety and higher grounds. A shelter has been opened at the Walnut Ridge Community Center for those needing placement. If you have any questions, please contact the Portia City Hall at 870.886.7897.

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office: The LCSO has boat crews and deputies out helping those in need of evacuation. With the possibility of higher water we urge residents not to drive through flooded areas. If you need assistance evacuating please contact the Dispatch Center at 860-886-2525 for non-emergency, call 911 for emergencies. We currently have boats and crews staged on each side of the Black River to assist residents. If you are in need of assistance leaving flooded areas, call the Dispatch Center.


Imboden Live will be updating this article as more information becomes available.