Rising flood waters on area rivers stand to impact those who are driving to or from the WBC campus later this week. Those who live north or west of Walnut Ridge are the most likely to be affected, due to projected flood levels on the Black River.

Despite widespread rumors, no intentional levee breach is planned near Pocahontas, according to officials. However, the projected crest of the Black River at Pocahontas later this week would be higher than the levee, so there is a very real possibility that the levee would be overtopped.

The elevation of the WBC campus places it well above the expected water level, as with previous floods, and no danger to the college is anticipated in any way. However, Highway 67 between Walnut Ridge and Pocahontas may be closed due to high water as early as mid-day Tuesday, and Highway 67 between Pocahontas and Corning may close on Monday.

While dramatic flooding is expected at Pocahontas later in the week, there is time to react. The Black River at Pocahontas was not yet at major flood stage as of Monday morning, although it seems certain to reach that level by Tuesday and worsen throughout the week.

The more immediate concern is in the Black Rock area, where the Black, Spring and 11 Point Rivers are already creating driving issues. Highway 412 between the Walnut Ridge Walmart and the Highway 63 intersection is closed. Highway 63 between Hoxie and Black Rock remains open as of Monday morning, but rising water could force its closure, as well.

Williams continues to closely monitor the flooding situation and will keep affected students and employees apprised as conditions warrant.