On April 9, 2017 at approximately 12:21am a deputy with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department on routine patrol noticed lights on in the Black Rock School gymnasium. At that time the deputy began a check of the building and heard noises coming from inside. He then observed several items out of place inside the building before seeing an item being thrown from a classroom window. As he approached the window he observed a white female and white male running down the hallway. At that point the deputy identified himself and ordered the subjects to stop which they did not.
After calling for backup the deputy engaged the two subjects in a foot pursuit before the subjects were able to make their way into a vehicle. The suspects then attempted to leave while the deputy ordered them to stop eventually driving towards the deputy forcing him to draw his service weapon to force the driver to stop. As the deputy was removing the two suspects from the vehicle a third white male suspect approached and was taken into custody.
A search of the vehicle turned up stolen property from the school grounds and a search of the school grounds revealed damage to the property. All three suspects after being identified turned out to be juveniles. The arrests were turned over to the Black Rock Police Chief.