Henry Boyce, Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney, announced today that Criminal Investigation Department Detectives from the Third Judicial District participated in a three day Evidence Collection Seminar last week. The training was conducted by the highly regarded Sirchie company, an international leader in crime scene investigations and forensic science solutions, and taught by David Alford, a retired FBI crime scene investigator. Mr. Alford’s list of accomplishments during his career included assignment to evidence collection in the Unabomber case as well as the Pentagon attack on 9/11. The training was arranged by Boyce and paid for with forfeited funds seized during drug arrests.

​Officers from Jackson, Lawrence, Randolph and Sharp counties honed their skills in lifting fingerprints from a variety of textured surfaces using magnetic fingerprint powder, locating DNA evidence not visible to the naked eye, and refining courtroom testimony procedures.

​Boyce said, “With today’s evolving technology in fingerprint and DNA analysis it is critical that investigators keep up with improvements in crime-solving techniques.”

Group Photograph
Left to Right Front Row: Trason Johnson, Pocahontas Police Department; Dion Yancy, Pocahontas, Police Department, Mike Zeiger, Third Judicial District; Henry Boyce, Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney; Miranda Blevins, Jackson County Sheriff’s Department; Cody Bailey, Sharp County Sheriff’s Department; Back Row: Keith Prescott, Third Judicial District; Aaron Presser, Sharp County Sheriff’s Department; Chris Kirksey, Walnut Ridge Police Department; Andrew Turner, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department. Not pictured: Mike McNeil, Arkansas State Police; Dave Edington, Randolph County Sheriff’s Department; and Justin Eversmeyer, Randolph County Sheriff’s Department.