At 7:27 am on Sunday morning the Lawrence County Dispatch received a 911 call from a stranded hunter along the Black River near Clover Bend. The hunter stated his climbing stand had fallen and he was hanging by his safety harness some 20 feet from the ground.

Lawrence County Dispatchers learned the hunter had accessed the area by boat earlier that morning. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive Team accompanied by Sheriff Jeff Yates, Arkansas Game and Fish, Clover Bend Fire Department, LCSO Deputies and an ambulance were all dispatched to the area.

Dive Team members accompanied by the Clover Bend Fire Chief launched 2 boats at the Dixie Lee landing and were joined by a 3rd boat carrying 2 Game and Fish Officers. The boat traveled north on the Black River to an area near Tucker Bay where they found the boat belonging to the stranded hunter.

A search party landed and began searching the area until they found the hunter who was uninjured but stranded up the tree. Responders were able to assist the hunter in getting back on the ground safely. The hunter traveled by boat back to the Dixie Lee access where he was greeted by family members.

The hunter stated he had been hanging in the harness since about 6:15 am that morning, the LCSO Dive Team and Clover Bend Volunteer Fire Department were back in service by 9:30 am.

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