img_4005In a strange turn of events in Hoxie today Chief Glenn Smith of the Hoxie Police Department was involved in a pursuit following a motor vehicle accident with a possible stolen vehicle.

As Chief Smith chased the subject who left the scene of the accident, officers from the Hoxie Police, Walnut Ridge Police and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office all converged on the area Smith was last reported to be in pursuit.

The words came over the radio that no officer wants to hear, Smith stated ” I have him in custody but I believe I’ve broken my arm”. Officers rushed to the scene to assist the injured Chief who managed to cuff the suspect despite being injured. A medical unit was dispatched to the scene to check on Smith but in another heroic act, Smith refused to go to the hospital until finishing his investigation.

We were also notified that at some point during the altercation with the subject, the suspect pulled a firearm. The gun was later recovered in the vehicle by Hoxie Police and is believed to be stolen, a second possible stolen weapon is still unaccounted for.

Smith knew the vehicle stolen by the suspect belonged to a resident on Pecan Street so he left the scene and went to check up on the resident. When he arrived he immediately noticed the home had been burglarized. Smith then called for another Hoxie unit to back him up, the two searched the crime scene and then made contact with the resident who was out of town at the time of the crime.

At this point the suspect is believed to be involved in at least two burglaries and a stolen vehicle. Along with todays charges the suspect identified as Andrew Tate of Walnut Ridge DOB 3/17/1987 has outstanding warrants out of Ravenden as well. The accident in todays incident is being investigated by the Arkansas State Police.

Chief Smith was being urged to follow up on his injured arm, we wish him a speedy recovery and admire his commitment to the job of protecting the citizens of Hoxie. We will update his condition as soon as we can.

Andrew Tate was transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await formal charges.


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