Mayor Charles Snapp today reached out for assistance on the City of Walnut Ridge’s Facebook Page Tuesday night in an effort to protect the newly purchased Christmas Display’s in Stewart park.

The Mayor stated that he intends to address the council and request the passage of strict fines for vandals, he also is asking for the assistance of deer hunters through the use of their deer cameras.

Here’s the full post from Mayor Charles Snapp:

The City of WR and the Police Department are requesting the help of area deer hunters during Christmas in the Park!
Read more, if you own a game camera …
Residents, businesses and organizations have put for over $36,000.00 in Christmas light sponsorships and the City included an additional $10,000.00. While this generosity came forth in less than one month, we are requesting help protecting the displays from vandalism and theft.
Next Monday night I am proposing a new ordinance that addresses vandalism in City Parks, with a $1,000.00 first offense and a $5,000.00 second offense with three days jail time and restitution required. I want to see the sponsors generosity protected and in addition to the ordinance I hope the council will pass Monday night, we need the help of area deer hunters. Here’s what we are asking for …
If you have bagged your deer and would be willing to move your trail camera to Stewart Park and work with the WRPD, please contact Chief Chris Kirksey, call WR City Hall, or contact me through private message. The City of WR has started installing game cameras that belong to the Police Department around the park loop and in the wooded areas around the park. We would like to have 12 to 15 additional game cameras monitored throughout the park. Placement will be done in conjunction with the PD and the owner, but camera owners will be called to monitor their cameras IF vandalism or theft is expected.
Thanks to an overwhelming response, Walnut Ridge is going to have a lighting display the region will be proud of. Will you help protect the generosity of the sponsors who have stepped forward and help the PD?

For more information on the City of Walnut Ridge, or the Walnut Ridge Police Department visit .

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