On Thursday evening the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office responded to an address on Hendrix Street in Imboden after prowlers were reported at that address.

According to the homeowner 2 males were seen leaving an abandoned house located on the property and leaving in a vehicle parked across the road in an alley. Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and took a report that included several stolen items from the abandoned house.

As the investigation continued the homeowner stated there were several buildings on the property including a storm shelter on the back of the property, she then ask the officer to check those before leaving. As the officer was doing this he noticed a backpack leaning against the door of the storm shelter door, he ask the home owner if it belonged to them and they replied “no”. The deputy searched the bag which contained typical camping gear such as a blanket, matches, flashlight, etc.

The deputy then opened the door of the storm shelter noticing a light on inside the concrete structure, the homeowner was shocked when she looked inside. By the obvious appearance, someone was living inside the bunker style storm shelter. Deputies received permission to search the items and the case took a dramatic turn.

First seen by the officers was a loaded 357 magnum pistol laying on a sleeping bag, as officers continued the search a second firearm was found. Officers found several drug paraphernalia items and a large quantity of what appeared to be meth along with numerous prescription bottles filled with an assortment of pills. Officers also found two sets of scales used for weighing drugs.

Among the items found were personal effects belonging to a possible suspect. This information and the evidence have been turned over to the Lawrence County Criminal Investigation Division of the Sheriff’s Office.

The homeowner (who wished to remain anonymous) stated that she had notice a rise in her electric bill over the last months with no explanation. The building had an extension cord to it with lights, heating pads, cell phone chargers, fans and more being used. There was also a storage container with canned foods, eating utensils and other provisions used to stay in the shelter.

According to family, the victims husband was the last known person to use the shelter years ago. Since then no one has been in it.

We will update this as suspect names are released.

If you have any information concerning this or any other crime contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.


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